PBTool Support Forum Moved to ID-OS.COM and alive !!!

Dear Phoneblankers,

Now our support forum at ID-OS forum, the link is http://id-os.com
Support area for PBTool is : http://id-os.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?7

Hope this can make better ;)

PBTool Ver 1.8.45 Release !!

Dear Phoneblankers’

Long time no see, we officially release  version 1.8.45  without life counter for you, so later any PBTool user can use our product as long as they want.

As developer team we will continue our work with new management and a new  product name XToolDongle.

Br, PBTool Dev Team a.k.a FixDigital Team

GsmHosting Support Forum

Dear Phoneblankers, as you already know that our support forum at gsmhosting, moved to no more support product subforums. These are rules made by gsmhosting for unfinished administration matter, and we must respect and abide by these rules,  we Apologize about it, and pls dont worry our support forum at gsmhosting will back On soon.

Our team is still working as usual to perform support and updates, thanks for understanding “

Br. PBTool Team.

Maintenance in Activation Server (24/7/2013)

Dear, Phoneblankers we will maintenance our Activation server today, will up again in Next 2 days.



PBTool v. – Loosing Humanity!

PBTool v. (2013-07-08)
Fast Fix Build #44

changelogs :
- [Blackberry] Fix Script Execution.
- [Scripting Module] SDK Scripting updated to v0.3.
- [Scripting Module] Fix Script Encryption.
- [Scripting Module] Fix Script Flash/Load.
- [Scripting Module] Fix elevation required (Add auto run as administrator).
- [Scripting Module] Remove Output Folder.
- Optimize Application.

Detail about version 1.7 see changelogs before
PBTool v1.7 Changelogs

Don’t forget to Regenerate data (in PBTool Software -> Download -> “Button Regen Data”) for view new list file.

PBTool v. – Loosing Humanity!

PBTool v. (2013-07-02)
Minor update to version 1.7

changelogs :
- [Blackberry] Added / Enable Scripting Module /Plugin.
- [Blackberry] Fix Normal Model List Not Show, at Tool Tab.
- [Blackberry] All script in folder “scripts” will show in Tool > Auto Script.
- [Scripting Module] Release SDK to make /create script.
- [Scripting Module] Now you can make and play your own script with PBTool and share your script with your friends.
- [Scripting Module] All Script you’ve make Encrypted.
- [Scripting Module] With crypted script, you can hide and safe your own code.
- [Scripting Module] Support Licensed System.
- [Scripting Module] With license, you can made script just only for few SN or for all.
- [Scripting Module] With license, you can sell or make it Free.
- Added/Enable regen data in Support Download.
- Regen data is for auto regenerating file list from server.
- Fix known bug from previous version.

With SDK Scripting, you can make hundred of script combination :
example :
# Want “Deep Wipe” button ? Use SDK to create, will done in few second. and FREE!!!
# Want “Erase Everything” (May call nastie :P ) button ? This also can be done within a few seconds and no need to spend money
# Want make money with PBTool ? you can sell your script with licensed system. The license is manage in SDK Scripting.
# Scripting for fun or advertising ? Don’t worry, you can include your Web, email or ads in description.

The world is your….

Check out this video and demo.

Example script and example project, available at download support. use pbtool for download.

PBTool v. – Furious Race!

PBTool v. (2013-06-21)
Minor update to version 1.6

changelogs :
- [Blackberry] Added Tab Dead Mode in Flashing.
- [Blackberry] Added support flash SFI file in dead mode.
- [Blackberry] Added support flash APP file in dead mode.
- [Blackberry] Added support flash Rapido file in dead mode.
- [Blackberry] Added flash with or without batterai in dead mode.
- [Blackberry] Added install everthing button in basic flashing.
- [Blackberry] Auto select to install everything if not exist file app package in basic flashing.
- [Blackberry] Support Hybrid file flashing with custom own modified.
- [Blackberry] Added core Autoscript Module for support next update.
- [Blackberry] For language issued in blackberry flashing, can use install everything.
- Fix bug in refill (Server issue).
- Fix bug in server activation (Server issue).
- Fix known bug from previous version.

PB Tool Activation problem

Replace your latest pbtool.exe with this one : download here

PBTool v. – Next Generation II Release!

PBTool v. (2013-03-01)
Minor update to version 1.4

changelogs :
- [Blackberry] Added new device 9350, 9370, 9360, 9670, 9788, 9380, 9790, 9310, 9315, 9320, 9220, 9620.
- [Blackberry] New Improvement for Read SPC.
- [Blackberry] New Improvement for Radiolabtool function.
- [Blackberry] Added support for new security (Micro Usb), in Radiolabtool function.
- [Blackberry] Added checkbox for in Blackberry Tools and MTest for identification.
- Add Distributor and Reseller list at Activation.
- Fix known bug from previous version.

PBTool v. – Next Generation Release!

PBTool v. (2013-01-22)
Minor update to version 1.3

changelogs :
- Auto Chek & close if stuck starting in last
- Auto Chek Download file if already download
- Added 2 themes / skins NextGen_Blue,NextGen_Green
- Fix known bug from previous version.